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when the president of the united states shows up to watch the game. when the president is there in support of the other team's coach, you've got to think it's kind of okay, right? well, the young george washington colonials got you to a blazing start until last night. the older brother of michelle obama. carl hobbs has the yonals at 4-0. more pressures on the president and first family are watching there. g.w. loses the ball. dwayne smith gets a handle on it. gives it to herman with the jam to finally get the colonials on the board. be unstoppable to the hoop and the foul. three of his game-high 18 points right there made the score 48-37. and now g.w. drops 4 and 1. getting a handshake from the president after the game, priceless. let's go to verizon center. georgetown hosting lafayette. hungry for their fourth straight win. georgetown in transition. chris wright gets the rebound. nice passing to monroe. dishes to clark, who puts it up and in for two of his career-high 19 points. then late first half, we've got jason clark at the top of the key. clark finds a wide open
that occurd in the united states as a result of the rdware, the plastic hardware either breaking or being installed improperly. the drop side drops down and it is possible that a child can become trapped between the drop side and the mattress, and can sufficient case and that has, unfortunately, happened in a number of incidents here. this is a major call. there are many who are questioning the drop side model entirely. and whether or not that is safe. we'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, meagan. >>> now to the war in afghanistan. this morning, we're hearing the president will announce his new strategy within days. president barack obama met with top advisers yesterday in a final major constitution before the announcement. military officials expect the new strategy to include up to 35,000 u.s. forces. the announcement will likely happen when congress returns after thanksgiving next week. >>> a water main break has some drivers in for a messy commute this morning in arlington. a pipe burst near the north glebe road intersection,
. some say he shouldn't have been in the army at that point. >> as a major in united states army he is without permission contacting an american enemy overseas in time of war, it should disqualify him from serve in the united states military. >> the military said it had no idea hasan was in contact with any muslim extremists. >>> veterans around the country are being honored. a wreath laying ceremony will be held later at the world war ii memorial, open to the public beginning at 8:00 this morning. >>> the vietnam veteran's memorial will be holding a service. president obama will commemorate the day at the tomb of the unknowns. >>> a teen tanning band will take effect in howard county. there was a hearing at the board of health yesterday to discuss the issue before the board unanimously approved it. it bans anyone under 18 from using the indoor tanning devices. the international agency on cancer recently classified tanning beds as cancer causing agents. >>> time is 5:06. 53 degrees. you can get a vaccine, but your pet cannot. >>> this morning a warning from vets, you be loved pet co
. swiss authorities are still deciding whether to extradite him to the united states. he fled the u.s. in 1977 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >>> our time is 5:26. a manhunt is under way right now. >> police in washington state looking for a man that gunned down four police officers. latest on the search. >>> two people plucked from a river after a crash. >>> what metro is saying about a costly crash here's to discovering that the little things in life are often big things and the time well spent doesn't always mean money must be spent people everywhere are building their lives on more solid ground through sound choices and a smart approach to their finances and they're turning to suntrust for easy ways to save money and take more control over it live solid, bank solid. suntrust. >>> trouble on the tracks. two trains collide and it could costmillions. >>> a local high school football star killed in a crash. police say the driver that the star -- of the vehicle the star was in was drunk. >> i need an ambulance immeately. i have somebody down. >> we're he
received a call from the president of the united states, barack obama, congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. >> reporter: the day began with president obama traveling to capitol hill to make sure democrats suppoed the bill. late in the evening, it passed a key hurdle. >> the amendment's adopted. >> reporr: an amendment banning government-funded abortions. it was demanded by moderate democrats. republicans condemned the health care reform plan as a washington power grab. >> how bad does it have to get before we stop the out of control spending? >> reporter: republicans presented a counter offer they said was cheaper and doesn't force people to get insurance coverage or face penalties. >> the health care system i america needs reformed, but the pelosi plan is the wrong prescription. >> reporter: democrats say their bill covers more than 36 million who can't get or afford insurance now. >> this isn't the polest i plan. this is a plan for all of america. >> reporter: in washington, a showdown on landmark legislation but not the end of the fight. the senate still has to t
. in the past, like seasonal flu, the elderly are more vulnerable. ? >> yeah, with h1n1, since it hit the united states back in april, it has been the younger generation that were affected. although there were some that have been apparently perfectly healthy that has succumbed to the illness. the emphasis is to get the younger ones especially. but we want the seniors to get their seasonal flu shots, because ey are susceptible to that. >> it's going to be a dig turnout here today, as the flu vaccine comes in, they are handing it out. and if you miss this clinic you can call the county health department between 3:00 and 4:00 if you are saw specially vulnerable and they can schedule you for a clinic later in the week. >>> alexander clinics will be on king street and begin at 11:00 this morning and run until 3:00 this afternoon. the clinic is limited to people in the high priority groups, including children between the ages of 2 and 24, and health care providers. >>> now to a terrible mystery in fairfax county. a person found dead in a burning car. the firefighters found the car on fire last night i
just received a call from the president of the united states, barack obama, congratulating us on a great victory for the american people. >> the day began with president obama traling to capitol hill to make sure democrats supported the bill. an amendment banning government-funded abortions, and it was demanded by moderate democrats. and republicans condemn it as a washington power grab. >> how does it have to get before we stop the out of control spending. >> the health care system in america needs reform, but pelosi plan is the wrong prescription. democrats say their bill kecove more than 36 million that cannot get insurance right now. >> this is not the pelosi plan, but a plan for all of america. >> reporter: in washington a. show down on land mark legislation, but not the end of the fight. >>> 39 democrats voted against the bill, and one republican voted for it, and that was the senator from l.ouisiana. >>> the search is on this morning for a killer. the victim was a store clerk if northwest washington. michael flynn is on the scene. >> this morning, the police are looking
where the hawaiian born leader declared himself america's first pacific president. >> the united states looks to strengthen old allegheny l alli build new partnerships. >> reporter: he promised a new era of corporatioperation. after a stop in china, he's heading to south korea where demonstrators are already protesting against the president and the u.s. war in afghanistan. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> 6:40 is your time. 51 degrees. coming up, it brings new meaning to the idea of a romantic dinner. the secret ingredient in what chefs are calling a love dessert. >>> and your eyes aren't deceiving you. that is putin at a rap contest. why he's suddenly a hip hop fa >>> more than a third of all saab dealerships will shut down. general motors is noticing 81 of that dialers. others will stay open understand the ownership of that new company. the closuresart of gm's reorganization agreement. >>> that's not the only big business news. bill griffeth takes a look at what will be making headlines on wall street this week. >> consumers in focus this week with black friday as it's known. th
for to the campaign. >> major campaign for us. we are honored to assist the united states marine corps in collecting toys for children that otherwise wouldn't have a christmas. every fire station in the district of columbia and most throughout the washington metropolitan area will gladly receive the toys and make sure they get to our marine counterparts and get to those children around christmas time. >> great project. giving back to thecommunity. >> major for us. big deal. >> d.c. fire chief dennis reuben, thanks so much again. great tips frpts the time is 9:38. doomsday comes to the box office. epic movie have people afraid in real life. we will show you what incredible domino show. chuck will tell us if the weather we have seen for november is getting any better. >>> special effect extravaganza about the possible end of the word and comedy about radio station on the high seas. some of what you will find new at the movies this week. mark barger has more in e box office preview. >> got to get this. take the freeway! it will be half the time! >> reporter: the filmmakers that blew up the white house
, they had access both to the president and the vice president of the united states in the same night. what if they were there for something other than 15 minutes of fame? >> vanzant also says that this party-crashing stunt may inspire other fame seekers to try similar antics in the future. >>> three americans are dead after a fiery cargo plane crash in china. they were aboard a plane from zimbabwe leaving shanghai's main airport. chinese media says the tail struck the ground on takeoff and veered off the runway. a fourth american on the seven-member crew is injured but his condition is unknown. >>> at least 30 are dead and dos missing after a ferry cap sighed in bangladesh. the boat was at a terminal in southern bangladesh when the accident happened. rescuers say women and children are among the dead. the ferry was packed with people going home for an islamic festival. there were reportedly more than 1500 people on board the fey, but many had already gotten off when it capsized. >>> investigators believe a bomb is to blame for a deadly train derailment in russia. at least 26 people died wh
right now. in our area, a beautiful picture of the united states capitol dome, some clouds and a lot less rain this morning here in this area than yesterday certainly. >> but there's still a lot of wet leaves out there and still a little bit of drizzle falling in some areas. >> yeah, and the wind is still rather strong. we've had gusts here near 30 miles an hour, gusting to 45 around the bay. looking at the radar over the last hour, we can see this continual flow out of the east-northeast but thankfully we don't have the widespread rain like yesterday. just scattered showers around the region for the rest of the day. right now we're near 50 degrees from the upper 40s in the shenandoah valley to the eastern shore. we have a cloud cover and we have winds gusting anywhere from 20 miles an hour around the shenandoah valley to 45-mile-per-hour gusts around the bay. we've had gusts near 30 around the metro area this morning. that will continue into the afternoon. a blustery day with occasional passing showers. then maybe some patchy drizzle tonight into early saturday morning but finally d
by air this morning. yesterday an faa glitch caused widespread delays across the united states. that glitch was caused by a single circuit malfunction in salt lake city. it brought down the faa's network which relays air traffic control information from one airport to another. the agency warns that it needs federal money to permanently fix the problem, or it could all happen again. >>> a man police believe shot and killed a local liquor store owner is behind bars this morning. 51-year-old rufina hernandez operated the georgia avenue liquor store in northwest d.c. on november 7th, two robbers came into the store, one armed with a gun. hernandez handed over the cash register, but she was still shot and killed. yesterday police announce touchdown arrest of 45-year-old andres lopez. police say he has a long history of committing crimes in the neighborhood. police are still looking for a second suspect. >>> people living in maryland are waking up feeling a little safer after a major bust yesterday. federal agents have taken down a notorious gang that operated across the state known
. colleagues say hasan wanted the united states to get out of iraq and afghanistan, and his aunt tells "the washington post" that her nephew actually wanted to be discharged from the army, even offered to repay his medical expenses but that heould not get out of the army. he was distressed about that and again distress bd his upcoming deployment to the middle east. he recently lived in silver spring at an apartment come mention in silver spring. coming up in the next half hour we'll talk to neighbors there, their reaction to all this. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath in falls chur. . we have megan there, kimberly in in the newsroom and jay gray out in texas. >> before that at 5:11, time for traffic and weather on the 1s. tom is here with his forecast. >> good morning. starting off this friday morning with a clear sky here. it's 42 in washington, near 40 in prince george's county. we're in the mid pd upper 30s elsewhere. low 40s on the eastern shore. just a little below freezing in a few locations in the mountains. we are above freezing, a few clouds through central virginia. the
. that's the roud of the united states because of all the money from the federal government to stimulate the economy. we're projecting very large numbers traveling on the highways this weekend. be warned and be prepared. >> thanks, lon, for join iing u. keep in mind there will be plenty of police officersers out there on the roads with you. we'll have more on that coming up in the next hour. >> thank you, megan. today marks the beginning of an extended holiday for many maryland state workers. the day off comes without pay. i eats part of the furlough and techl prepare salary reduction plan. off office are expect ed to reopen on monday. >>> this morning we're remembering an icon in the washington sports scene. abe pollin passed away leaving behind a legacy in the city he loved so very much. pollin died yesterday at the age of 85. he suffered from a rare neurological disease that impaired his movement and balance. pollin was the nba's longest-tenured owner and will forever be known as the man who brought professional basketball and hockey to the nation's capital. >> he definitely put thing
there into the big travel day wednesday. by and large, most of the united states will have relatively quiet weather as everybody gets ready to hit the roads and the skies for thanksgiving. high pressure is in charge of our weather for today. that's the reason for the nice weather. as it moves away, low pressure headed to the outer banks of north carolina. we end up east to northeasterly wind. that spells cloud cover around here. a chance of light rain showers especially the second half of monday, into early tuesday. for today, no problem. morning sunshine giving way to cloud cover late this afternoon but not bad. 60% chance of showery weather for tomorrow, especially monday afternoon, evening time frame. that will linger into early tuesday. getaway day looking quiet. scattered showers back to thursday and for friday. again, it's not going to be a driving rain. it's just going to be passing showers. so anything you need to do, i think you'll be able to get out and do it. >> very good. thank you very much, chuck. >>> well, the caps can't hold onto their lead and they lose it in overtime. finding it d
subject is the trade imbalanceetween china and the united states. any progress on at? >> no. other than rhetoric and pledges, of cours sayin that the chinese president saying they believe in open markets and that that should be -- there shouldn't be any trade barriers or anything like that. i would say this on the onomy. one little anecdote, where the president made a passing reference to the $800 billion debt tha we have to the chinese where he thanked the chinese for their help inulling us out of the recession. acowledging that we had to borrow a lot of money to push the stimulus package. >> chuck todd live from beijing. thank you so much >>> sarah palin's new book out today. "going gue" a te-all reportedly camp for howt handled a number of ih eaus. she is launching a massive ur. it began on the "oprah winfrey" show. she was asked if she is running for president in threeears. >> does that mean you're reloading on 2012? >> i concentrating on 201 2010. >>ould youell me if you were thinking about it? >> no, i wouldn't. >> palin's book number one on her closest stop on the boo
on a monday here on "today," figures show 35 children in the united states, died from the swine flu in the first week of november. that's the highest weekly total ever. an expert joins us and tells us how concerned we need to do. >>> and then, a member of john mccain's staff is blasting sara allen. and meredith spent time with chimp attack victim, charla nash. we'll show you what a day in her life is like. >> what a horrific story that is. >> it is. >> have a good day. look forward to the "today" show. >>> coming up, what's happening in prince georges county that hasn't happened in 25 years. >> and has many homeowners skwg what to do next. >>> what players and coaches think made the difference. >>> tom will let you know how long the warmer stps will stick around. >>> good morning. a pretty day in the nation's capital. >> so good so far. good morning again. >> sunrise in 11 minutes. a little light fog to our west and north. otherwise, didn't have any travel problems. dry pavement going to work and school. as we look at the temperatures, it is chilly in our western suburbs. low to the
, was there representing the united states. karzai won another term after his rival pulled out of the runoff citing voting irregular y >>> the president talked tough on iran. he said talks are under way with allies about sanctioctions agai iran, but did not give details. he is expected back tonight. >>> and gregory mowser of middletown kept his cat inside for nine years. and then he left it outside of a home that he was having built. a neighbor saw it and called animal control. they say they found the cat suffering from hypothermia and weighing 4 pounds. he received a sentence of a year in prison and has appealed. >>> breakfast lovers, listen up. a morning staple is off the store shelves for months now. hundreds of children sick with a new virus. it's very similar to the swine flu. >>> state police will be out in full force this morning. what they will be cracking down on during the rush hour commute. >>> the big change in the weather moved in overnight. your weather and traffic >>> foggy here in the nation's capital. 53 degrees here at 6:40 in the morning. we had pretty inclement weather this morning. we
in the united states since h1n1 began spreading this past spring. in connecticut, beginning on monday, this hospital and several others will not allow children under the age of 18 to visit. >> one of the things we've found is they tend to be carriers of h1n1. >> reporter: yet another sign of how this nation is adapting to fight a pandemic. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> the government warns that even with production sped up it could be months before everyone who wants the swine flu vaccine actually gets it. >>> several swine flu vaccine clinics are being held around town in the coming day. the district will be vaccinating people at hardy high school and wilson senior high school. those clinics are for d.c. residents who have a higher risk of developing complications from h1 h1n1. fairfax county will be holding similar clinics on wednesday and thursday. the vaccines will be available for the first 300 people to show up at any of these five health department district offices, starting at 8:00 in the morning. the clinics are limited, though, to children, pregnant women and parnlts
of diabetes cases in the united states may nearly double in the next 25 years from 23 million to 44 million. that would nearly triple the costs associated with the disease. there is some good news, though. experts predict obesity levels in this country will plateau over the next decade and then decline slightly. still, they expect more than one in four americans will be obese. >>> who will be providing the halftime entertainment at this year's super bowl? if you really want to know, we're going to tell you now. >>> plus, some think it may be a political statement. others say it's just a prank. what a governor says about being targeted with toilet paper. >>> also, opulence and excess comes at a price. dubai in deep. what it means for the world. >>> the rush is on for a big deal. a big crowd outside anne arundel mills mall. >>> welcome back. 5:15. today is black friday. looking at arundel mills mall, the best buy and target. you see lines waiting all night long are streaming into the stores looking for good deals on this, the official start of the holiday shopping season. shoppers are already
them. nearly 1/3 of the workers in the united states have no paid sick leave. one house democrat proposes forcing employers to cover workers' pay up to five days if they're out with something contagious like the swine flu. >> the employer directs you to go home, then provide you a paid sick leave for that day. >> this proposal applies to companies with more than 15 workers and only when a worker is told to stay home. senators today will hear from labor and d.c. officials -- rather, cdc officials and from critics who say sick leave decisions are better left to businesses. >>> news 4 conducted our own unscientific experiment on how easily flu germs are spread. the rests will astound you and scare you and gross you out and also will increase your vigilance hopefully. we'll have that full report at 6:15 this morning. >> d.c. mayor adrian fenty is known for being physically active, but now some people are wondering if his workouts are an abuse of power. wtop caught this exclusive video of the mayor biking with trends along with a police escort. besides causing the occasional backups,
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21